Who we are

We're not a perfect church.  We don't have a perfect pastor.  We don't have perfect people.  But we DO have a perfect mission and we're doing our best to live out that mission every single day as we serve our Lord and our community and each other!  If you're looking for perfect then we're probably not the place.  But if you're looking for a place where you will be loved and valued and accepted, regardless of where you've been, what you look like, or what you're wearing, then this just might be the church home you've been searching for!  So come join us...and come just as you are!

Our Mission & Vision

"Helping people find and follow Jesus through genuine community."

Here at FSBC we believe relationships are the key to building genuine community, beginning with and growing from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  But life changing relationships don't happen by themselves and they don't happen by accident.  Relationships that build genuine community are authentic and intentional.  That is, they are the result of real people experiencing real life together; no pretenses, no masks, no agendas, and no excuses.  We believe that as Christians, we need to be constantly establishing and building influential relationships with un-believers as well as with the un-churched.  But we also believe that we should be deepening and growing intimate relationships with fellow believers and especially with our church family. 

  Baptist Church

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